2016 DSE English Writing Question 9 (Sample)

Learning English through Drama 

As a Form Six student, you are considering educational opportunities after your HKDSE. One option you have selected is the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, as you want to take up an acting career. However, your parents would like you to pursue an academic subject at another institution. 

As the deadline for submitting the application is approaching, write an email to your parents, who are now on an overseas trip, to convince them to support your choice.

Dear Mum and Dad, 

How is your vacation? I hope you enjoy your trip in Scotland. Last time, we had a conversation about my future education. I expressed my wish to study acting at HKAPA. But you objected to my plan and advised me to study medicine at the University of Hong Kong instead. As the deadline for submitting the application to the education institutions is due next week, I would like to reiterate my decision to further my study at HKAPA.

I understand that you are both worried about the stability of the acting career. You said that the acting opportunities are much smaller now than the past because the television and film industry in Hong Kong is dwindling and the competition for the major actress role is unprecedentedly huge. However, times have changed. Unlike the late 20th century when Hong Kong television dramas and soap operas are mainly made and produced by the only TV channel TVB, with the rapid advancement of technology, there are now many worldwide platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Streaming where drama series and films are shown. It means that the entertainment market is still bustling and vibrant. It is possible that Hong Kong drama series and films can gain entry into these global platforms in the near future. Moreover, I intend to take a minor in directing at HKAPA and equip myself with filmmaking, directing and screenwriting skills so that I can make my own short films or short videos at a very low cost and then sell the productions to the producers. With both directing and acting skills, I believe that I am able to develop an amazing career path in the creative industry.  

Dad, I remember you once told me that your parents objected to your plan of becoming a journalist when you were young in light of the inappropriate proportion between salary and workload along with the uncertain political environment in the future. However, you insisted on going to study journalism at the university to follow your dream just because you have strong passion for telling stories. Despite the tough working environment and heavy workload, you have never given up on your dream and keeps reporting important news and covering influential articles in the newspaper industry. Your passion is what keeps you striding forward and conquers.

Do you know I am so proud of you? A persistent and successful Hong Kong journalist. You have set an excellent example for me to pursue my own passion and dream regardless of the difficulties along the way. Haven’t you taught me not to be afraid of obstacles but to have courage to overcome them? My strong passion for acting together with my endeavors will definitely lead me to success in the future.

Do you still remember that I won the best actress in the drama competition in the Hong Kong School Drama Festival two years ago? Isn’t it a proof that I have a real talent in acting? I really hope that I can follow my dream and become what I want to be, just like you Dad.


Your daughter Amy 

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