2018 DSE English Writing Question 2 (Sample)

Learning English through Sports Communication

You recently ran the Hong Kong marathon for the first time.

Write a blog to be posted on the Hong Kong Marathon’s website to encourage other young people to take part in the next marathon.

This is the first time I have participated in the Hong Kong marathon which is one of the most popular annual sports event. Taking part in the marathon has made a huge difference to me.

One day, my sports teacher noticed that I had become obese and persuaded me to lose weight and keep fit. He challenged me to take a chance at the Hong Kong marathon as a means to improve my physical health. After serious consideration, I took the courage to sign up for the Hong Kong marathon and commit myself to a half marathon. This is how I started marathon running.

To prepare myself for the Hong Kong marathon, at first, I went running for 5km daily at a very slow speed. It felt good and easy. When I got used to 5km, I gradually stepped up to 10km and then 15km. The longer the race, the more tired and weary I felt. I did not feel like going on. Nonetheless, I insisted on moving forward. When it came to half-marathon, I became short of breath and started to suffer muscle cramps and knee pain. I felt so dizzy and painful in the middle of the run that I wanted so much to give up and go back to my comfort zone. I failed many times to complete the whole race. To overcome the failure, I adjusted my breathing method and did more stretching exercises before running. After constant practice, running a half-marathon was not as daunting and frustrating as before. When I successfully overcame the discomfort and finished the half-marathon in the competition, I had a sense of achievement and thus boost my confidence. 

Running a marathon also helps me maintain a healthy lifestyle and a positive outlook on life. Before I took up marathon, I had always stuck to my mobile phone and used social media for many hours to pass my time. When running a full-marathon in the Hong Kong marathon has become my goal, I spend my spare time on training and exercising which cures my addiction to social media. Moreover, after I have developed a passion for marathon, it enhances my resilience and builds my endurance. I believe that I am able to face adversity and overcome hardship in the course of life. 

Had I not participated in the Hong Kong marathon, I would not have become the person I am now. Trying the Hong Kong marathon will definitely change your life and make you a stronger person. If you want to have an amazing experience like mine, don’t miss out the coming Hong Kong marathon.