Learning English through Workplace Communication

Many Hong Kong graduates complain about the lack of employment opportunities in the city. It has been suggested that graduates who fail to find a job in Hong Kong could look for opportunities in other cities in Asia. Do you support this suggestion?

  • Write an article for your school magazine expressing your views.
  • Give three reasons to support your views. Provide an appropriate title for your article.

Alternative workplace in other Asian cities

In recent years, the unemployment problem of Hong Kong graduates has raised concern in our society. Many Hong Kong graduates complain about the lack of employment opportunities in the city. It is suggested that they could look for jobs in other cities in Asia. In my opinion, it is advisable for them to go to other cities in Asia to look for opportunities. I will explain my perspective in the following arguments.

To start with, working in other Asian cities can help graduates broaden their horizons, gain international perspective and exposure. They can get a hands-on experience about different Asian business cultures and markets. It can deepen their sense and knowledge of how to do business with people from different ethnical and cultural background. Having such an exposure and insight is definitely a competitive edge and attracts decent job opportunities in multinational corporations in Hong Kong as well as in other Asian cities. 

What’s more, we should note that other cities in Asia provide legal ways for Hong Kong graduates who are bored with Hong Kong lifestyle and look for exotic and fascinating working experience. As we all know, they can simply apply for a work visa by taking part in working holiday scheme offered by other countries in Asia such as Taiwan, Japan and Singapore to work in their cities. At the same time, Hong Kong teenagers like a fun lifestyle. Some graduates said that working holiday is just like traveling because they can explore and enjoy the culture and lifestyle there when they get off work. Therefore, if Hong Kong graduates want to work hard and play hard, working in other Asian cities is a good choice for them.

In addition, it is worth noting that the culture of other Asian cities is, to a certain extent, similar to that of Hong Kong. As Hong Kong is a culturally diverse city, Hong Kong graduates will find themselves easy to integrate into the culture and lifestyle of these Asian cities. For example, as the people in Singapore and Malaysia speak in English, our Hong Kong graduates who have a good command of English can communicate with them with ease. Hence, they can work in these Asian cities without much difficulty.

In conclusion, it is a good suggestion for Hong Kong graduates to work in other Asian cities to tackle their unemployment problem in Hong Kong. I hope that they would consider the alternative option available.

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