Learning English through Sports Communication

You are a reporter for the sports section of the Young Post. You were attending the final game of the season between rivals St. George’s School and Royal College when something unexpected happened during the game.

  • Write a news report
  • Describe the incident and what happened afterwards. Include thoughts and opinions from different people involved.
  • Give your report a headline

A thief caught during the match 

St. George’s School and Royal College had entered the final football game which was held at Mong Kok Stadium last Sunday. The game kicked off with a grand opening ceremony. Towards the climax of the game, it was interrupted by a sudden invasion of a thief who made a scene and caused temporary chaos in the stadium. The game resumed and came to a successful close after everyone on the pitch made a concerted effort to catch the thief. 

In the beginning, Royal College took the lead in the first half of the game. David scored first when he took a long shot goal. John made it 2-0 when he sent the ball straight into the net. It dealt a severe blow to St George’s School. The losing team put up a good fight when Peter made a few beautiful tackles and set up a goal. 

In the second half of the game, St. George’s School demonstrated aggressive attack and Royal College struggled to defend. Peter easily tapped the ball in and evened the scores 2-2. David tried to make a few attempts but sent the ball wide. 

When the game had come to an exciting moment, something unexpected happened. A young man in ragged clothes suddenly appeared in the stadium. He ran around the field and caught the sight of all the people. What followed was a policeman running after the man and screaming “Catch the thief! Catch the thief!”. The players were shocked in wonder. Then they immediately stopped and chased the man. The spectators shouted in unison “Get him! Get him!”. Many of them also took out their smartphones and took pictures and videos. The nuisance came to a close when the players grabbed the man who was then handcuffed by the policeman. A few minutes later, some senior policemen came and arrested the man. The policemen explained that the man had stolen a diamond necklace from a jewellery shop nearby.  

When the players went back to their position, the referee blew a whistle to resume the game. After the disruption, both teams were quite exhausted. The game finished when Royal College squeezed past St George’s School with a 3-2 victory. 

“We could have played better and won the game.” said one of the players from St George’s School. “As soon as the players from St. George’s School had just warmed themselves up, the disturbance occurred. The players tired themselves out by catching the thief. The situation was unfavourable to them.” remarked one of the spectators. The coach from St. George’s School said it was unlucky for them to lose out and they would definitely come back next time.

The thief invasion is a rare incident. St. George’s School should not lose heart but get themselves prepared for the championship next year. Congratulations to Royal College on being the champion of the inter-school football competition this year.  

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with reference to “Football pitch invaded by monkeys during match”

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