Learning English through Drama

The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA) wants to encourage more people to watch stage plays. To do this, they want to show video-recordings of live drama performance from theatres all over the world.

You have just watched one of these recordings. Write an article for Showbiz magazine discussing whether these recordings are a good way to attract more people to watch stage plays.

From Video-recordings To Stage Plays

Many people might have heard of stage plays, but how many of them will actually buy a ticket to watch them in the theatre? To cultivate general public interest in watching stage plays, HKAPA proposes to show video-recordings of live drama performance from theatres all over the world. Recently, I have watched one of the video-recordings shown by HKAPA, the internationally acclaimed musical Les Miserables performed by London Theatre. The experience is amazing. I believe that these video-recordings would be a good way to attract more people to watch stage plays.

Video-recording is a cheap and convenient means for the general public to try watching stage plays. Drama is not only a less popular form of art but also an expensive kind of entertainment. As the cost of watching a drama video is very low and drama videos are more accessible, if you find the drama daunting or boring, you can always give up watching in the middle of the play. For instance, if you are impatient with the three-hour long musical Les Miserables which consists of a number of acts and scenes, you can always walk out and stop watching it. Besides, I have never watched Les Miserables on the stage, but after I watch its video, I become very interested in the musical and have a strong desire to watch its live drama performance. Therefore, video-recordings help enhance the incentive of the general public to try watching stage plays.

Video-recording helps introduce the general public to stage plays of different genres and subject matters. Some plays are tragedy which carries heavy messages whereas some plays are comedy which is amusing, funny and light-hearted. For example, the classic literature Les Miserables by the French writer Victor Hugo is considered to be serious and daunting, but when I watch the musical on the video, I am attracted to its lofty themes such as human suffering, injustice and revolution because of its engaging presentation. People can discover which types of stage plays interest them through watching video-recordings.

As the video-recordings are of very high quality, it feels like watching live drama performance on the stage. When I watch Les Miserables on the video, I find that each scene is intriguing with its intense atmosphere, fancy costumes, state-of-the-art lighting and sound effects, magnificent props and set design, impressive make-up, sophisticated facial expressions of the characters, brilliant orchestra and first-class performance. The songs and lyrics are so touching and powerful that they pierce into my heart. The vocalists are overflowing with passion and feelings. The actors and actresses deliver the lines with vigor and energy. Their voice displays rhythm and emotions. The whole performance is breathtaking, not to mention the real live stage performance.

Video-recording can never replace the spectacular view and wonderful experience of live drama performance. However, it is definitely a good way to introduce the less popular form of art to the general public and attract them to go to watch stage plays in the theatre.

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