I do not want to forget it

when I watch “Love in a fallen city”. I think about our story.

We meet each other at CUHK fellowship.

I am a final year undergraduate student and you are a graduate student.

I want to know more about you who are as strong as the overarching green tree.

One day, Don Quixote drops me an email and invites me to a date.

I told Jenny about it, wondering what it seems to mean.

I am a Cinderella because I am surprised and thrilled.

It is like a dream to me.

Indeed, it is surreal, too real like a legendary tale.

A stands for aspiring, B stands for brilliant, and C of course, is captivating

I think you will be as promising as the letters to me.

Our first kiss tastes like lavender in an open field, fresh and enlivening like the sea

The tree is budding in autumn gentle breeze, murmuring that a love story begins.

If there had not been an impressionist painting exhibition, we would not have grown so intimate as we can be.

This morning, I get up and wait for you before sunrise and this evening, I become your wife before sunset

My watch which you gives me as our love token tells me that our love will last forever.

Therefore, I want to spend the rest of my life with you and remember our happiness ever after.


written on 18/1/2018

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