2022 DSE English Writing Question 4 — 範文解題

Writing Tip:

寫演講詞首先要釐定寫作的1. 目的(purpose)和2. 對象(audience),從而決定文章的3. 結構(structure)和4. 內容(content)的鋪排5. (organisation)。


這條題目是寫給在冠軍賽落敗的隊友,作為致詞的隊長,演說的目的是肯定隊友一直以來的努力付出,鼓勵和支持隊友以及提升士氣(motivational / inspirational),這樣範文的結構就會如此鋪排:寫關於隊友自加入籃球隊努力練習,屢敗屢戰不放棄的體育精神和隊友今次作賽的出色表現,以鼓勵沮喪和失望的隊友為重點。


2022 DSE English Writing Question 4 (Sample)

4. Learning English through Sports Communication

You are the captain of the school’s basketball team. Your team made it to the inter-school championship final but came second.

Write a speech to be delivered to the team at the end-of-season dinner celebration.

Good evening teammates, 

On this special occasion, as a captain of the school basketball team, I am very honoured to be here with you and speak to you. Five years ago, we came together as a team simply because we love playing basketball. After five years, we haven’t slightly changed our heart but have become even more passionate about it despite countless challenges, hardships, frustrations, denials and failures.  

Do you remember when we all first played in the basketball court? We were green, inadequate and even deficient. Yet, your passion for basketball did not allow your inexperience and weakness to stop you from undergoing a series of tough and demanding training to hone your skills and build your physical and mental strength. During these five years, you guys have made an enormous improvement in your basketball skills.

In these years, you have fought many battles. Though you have fallen a million times and have cried many tears on the basketball court, you still decide to get up and fight again each time you fall and get hurt. You have never thought of giving up. You guys just hang in there, and continue to persevere and put in a lot of hard work.

This time, though we came second in the inter-school championship final, I am so proud of you because you were not scared of the opposing team who is renowned to be unbeatable and undefeatable. Before the game, we were all looked down upon and said to be destined to lose. However, you didn’t shrink from facing a giant but have demonstrated courage and determination to fight an uphill battle in the face of adversity. After all, it is not the winning that matters most but the life lessons that you have learned from the game. They are self-belief, courage, tenacity, the never-give-up spirit and hope in the impossible moment. These special qualities that you have developed inside will stay with you and keep you for the rest of your life. And that’s what matters. 

Once again, losing the game won’t knock us down but will make us stronger and more invincible. That is what failure does to us. I have seen each of you grow into not only skillful but also mature players. I am so proud of you guys to have come so far after all these tough years. You are just incredible. Taking this opportunity, I wish each of you every success in your future endeavours. Thank you.