2022 DSE English Writing Question 6 (Sample)

6. Learning English through Poems and Songs

The musical group Nine Dragons has asked you to help promote them by writing a bio for their website. The bio should include background information about the group, style of music and plans for the future.

Nine Dragons — All you need to know

Nine Dragons is a rock band from Hong Kong formed in 2021. It is composed of five boys and four girls named Adam, Anson, Jeremy, Louis, Stanley, Annie, Christina, Emma and Victoria accordingly. All of them participated in the music talent show Hong Kong’s Got Talent at ViuTV in 2020 and won many cheers and applause from the audience. Taking this opportunity, they signed with World Records and released their debut song Warrior on 1 November 2021 which was very well-received. Their second single The Origin of Time won widespread recognition and topped the Radio 903 song chart for two weeks. 

As the members of the band are quite young, aged between 20 and 26, Nine Dragons carries a symbol of youth power which refreshes the current aging Hong Kong music industry. Their style of music is mostly pop rock, with Adam as the drummer, Louis and Emma the electric guitarists and, Jeremy and Victoria the lead vocalists whose voices are idiosyncratic. Apart from being vocalists, Anson, Annie and Christina are also composers and songwriters. They write captivating melodies and catchy poetic lyrics that communicate mainly love and life and resonate with many hearts of Hong Kong youngsters. Each member has his or her own special contribution to the music.

In the near future, Nine Dragons has some breakthrough plans. They would like to try and play different genres of music, for instance, hip hop and dance music, to add rapping and breakdancing elements to their performance.  They would also like to produce new music through experimentation and improvisation. This significant move will definitely establish themselves a unique identity and position themselves a distinct standing in the music industry. 

As Nine Dragons is becoming more popular, the band has decided to do a series of live performance at the Central Harbourfront in the forthcoming Christmas holiday. Tickets will be sold at all 7-Eleven convenience stores and via this website on 25 and 26 November 2022. The price would range from HK$700, $500 to $300. If you are a die-hard fan of Nine Dragons, you will regret should you miss their first amazing live show!

Moreover, Nine Dragons is now making plans to debut individually and release their own singles in order for each member to have a chance to do his or her own signature music to engage with their own respective fans. This move is going to bring about many inspirations to the music industry. Stay tuned!