I used to hate spring when I was small

because the weather is precarious

I would doubt the law of nature that

brings rain at the beginning of the new year.

Mum used to say

every beginning starts with hard work and hardship

So spring always feels like a bad omen.

Now spring has come again

It brings rain to our dry land

Fogs and drizzles cloud the sight afar

That we can’t see much ahead;

But while l am listening to the raindrops falling

The dripping is like music to our ears

dancing on the ground

Sitting on my armchair

I help myself a cup of hot coffee

The sweetness and sourness ferment and melt in my mouth.

The moment reveals that

we can still enjoy small joys in the midst of hardship

That sustains and carries us through to

the end of the year.

At the age of thirty-nine,

I really like spring.

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