Learning English through Poems and Songs

You are a reporter for Do-Re-Mi, a music magazine. You interviewed Zoe Kwan, who has just won ‘Best New Artist’ at the HKTV Music Awards.

  • Write a feature article based on your interview
  • Report on Zoe’s sudden rise to fame and where the ideas behind her songs came from 

Zoe Kwan On The Rise To Top Singer

Zoe Kwan, the famous singer-songwriter now, has just won ‘Best New Artist’ at the 2020 HKTV Music Awards for her hit song ‘The Way We Dance’. Released in February, the song has reached the top of music charts of the four major radio stations and music streaming platforms for several weeks. What’s more, her first album ‘Dreaming’, which includes the song, has been released for only a month and immediately it has become the best-selling record the same year. Besides, Zoe is one of the most talked-about singer on social media and accumulates a multitude of fans on her Instagram. This is a real success for a new artist who has only worked in the music industry for just two years and has already earned widespread recognition of her musical talents.

‘Like many teenagers, I was constantly told by my parents to study hard and find a stable office job for a comfortable future. But when I turned 22 years old, after I had graduated from the university, I decided to enter the music industry and become a singer because I like music very much and I want to pursue my long-time dream of being an influential singer. I cannot think of myself being anything other than a singer.’ Zoe writes the song ‘The Way We Dance’ based on the movie of the same name in which Fa, the female protagonist, has a passion for dancing and joins the hip-hop dance crew when she enters the university. Fa practises hard in order to beat their dance rival in a dance competition. The movie also tops the 2020 box office which makes the song even more acclaimed. ‘I want to encourage young people to pursue their dream like Fa and me and to keep trying in the process despite frustrating obstacles. This is the message behind the song. Just like what the lyrics said, 

/Stretch out your hands
To catch the dreams
They are something like diamonds in the rough
That’s waiting to shine

There aint no hills that’s too steep to climb
There aint no pains that could make you cry
You’re much more stronger than people think you are
Carry that strength to fight your fate/’

The song is lively and the melody is pleasant. Its lyrics captures the heart of our young generation and resonates deeply with them. Many young people are talented but they need courage and resilience to work out their talents and realize their dreams. That’s why the song is so popular among the teens. It acts as an encouragement to them.

Because of her talent and endeavour, Zoe Kwan has successfully become a famous singer. Maybe you are now in the dilemma between succumbing to the reality and taking courage to pursue your dream. Try for a moment to listen to ‘The Way We Dance’ and get some inspiration from it. You may find something you need there.

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