Learning English through Workplace Communication

You work for the Park Hotel in Hong Kong. You would like to apply for a work transfer to the Shanghai branch of the hotel.

  • Write a letter to Mr Wong, your manager.
  • Highlight your work experience, why you would like to transfer and how your transfer will benefit the organization.

Dear Mr. Wong,

I am writing to apply for a work transfer to the Shanghai branch of Park Hotel for the position of assistant sales manager. As it is indicated that the ideal candidate should possess a strong passion and a target-driven mindset for developing the Chinese market and expanding client base for our hotel group, I believe that, with my strong interest in the Chinese market and my work experience, I am eligible for the position.

Prior to joining Hong Kong Park Hotel, I have completed the internship program at Shanghai Disneyland where I have developed a basic understanding of the Chinese hospitality market, Chinese culture and customer expectations. Besides, having participated in the two-year rotational program at Hong Kong Park Hotel, I have obtained a full picture of hotel operations by engaging with different hotel divisions ranging from front desk guest services, room reservations, food and beverage to sales and marketing and management. I have learnt the importance of teamwork collaboration to bring about a professional and satisfactory customer-oriented experience and to boost the efficiency of different departments. In addition, I have also demonstrated excellent interpersonal communication skills by establishing good relationships with guests and colleagues as well as resolving potential conflicts between departments to ensure the seamless and smooth running of operations. With the above experience, I believe that I am qualified for the management level of work at the hotel industry.

During my seat at the sales and marketing department, I was involved in sales planning, assisted our team in achieving annual sales targets and raising our sales revenues by 15%. This successful experience reveals my strength in sales accomplishment and encourages me to further develop my career path as a sales manager. The current vacancy is a golden opportunity which provides me with a springboard to my next step in career development. Moreover, along with my fluent Mandarin and English and my deep sense and knowledge of Chinese market, I believe that I am able to develop and maintain strong client relations and pursue new business and sales opportunities by catering both international and local guests with the individual characteristics and tailor-made products and services of our Shanghai branch. Furthermore, I am keen to develop strong ties between Hong Kong and Shanghai branches with an aim to build and strengthen the relationship and connection between Shanghai and Hong Kong colleagues so as to achieve better collaboration, mutual communication and resource allocation which will benefit our whole organization.

My rotational program will soon come to a completion at the end of August. Should I have the opportunity of securing the position, I am delighted to make a seamless transition from Hong Kong Park Hotel to Shanghai Park Hotel. I look forward to discussing with you the ways I can contribute to Shanghai Park Hotel as well as Park Hotel Group. 

Yours sincerely,

Chris Wong

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