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You have been inspired to share your feelings about opportunities on your online blog. In your blog write about one opportunity that you missed and one opportunity that you took.

Take or Lose Your Chance

I have always wanted to be an actress. That was the reason why I joined the school drama club. In the same year, our school had joined the Hong Kong School Drama Festival and would perform the play “Romeo & Juliet”. I desperately wanted to play the role of Juliet. How wonderful it would be if I could have a chance to perform the famous Shakespearean play as well as play the main female character! But I knew that I had to get myself well-prepared for the audition so that I could beat the other candidates and win the role. Therefore, I went to Mrs. Lau, my English teacher, to learn the play, portray the role of Juliet and practice acting as Juliet. “Remember, you are passionately in love with the wrong person. The tension throughout the tragedy comes from here. A fatal love brought about by the force of fate.” Mrs. Lau would remind me.  We rehearsed every day after school. The preparation took a lot of hard work.

When the day of audition finally came, I was just as excited as the other students who were going to audition. I entered the classroom where three senior teachers sat behind a long table. I stood in front of them waiting for their instruction. “Can you play the part and recite the scene of Romeo & Juliet which impresses you the most?” One of the panel beamed at me. I thought for a while, took up the courage and told them I would like to play the balcony scene. One of the panel came out and acted as Romeo. “What’s in a name? that which we call a rose / By any other name would smell as sweet.” I recited. At that time, I felt like losing myself and was fully immersed in being Juliet. After I finished, the panel nodded and told me to wait for the news. I was so delighted that I could complete the audition with so much ease and confidence, thanks to all the efforts that I had put into in the last month. Two weeks later, to my amazement, I received a letter notifying me that I had successfully got the role! I would play Juliet in the public performance! It was almost a dream come true. 

The drama festival finally arrived. The whole drama crew and I were so excited. While we were heading to the Hong Kong Cultural Centre, my mobile phone suddenly rang. “Hi, Miss Chan, this is the Hong Kong Theatre. We have a main character role right now for the upcoming show. Can you come over to interview today? Our boss is only available today because he will fly abroad tomorrow.” I found myself suddenly caught in a dilemma. “This might be a precious opportunity to work with a real theatre company if I would be selected. However, I could not give up the performance for the interview. The whole crew is waiting for me!” I said to myself. “Sir, thank you for asking me but I don’t think I can come over today because I have an important appointment.  I am so sorry about that.” I ended the conversation reluctantly. “The festival must go on.” Then I joined the crew and went on stage.

In your life, when opportunity comes your way, you either seize it or miss it. Just like what I did. I seized the opportunity to play Juliet in the school drama festival but I missed the chance to become a real actress in the real world. It changed your life for the better or for the worse. Who knows? For one thing, at least, I know that I have tried my very best.

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