When dealing with emotions, it’s
a sensitive thing, you experience
all kinds of feelings, it’s like being
on a swing! One moment you’re up,
the next you’re down, either you’re
smiling, or tend to frown! There are
many contributing factors, as things
change so quickly, from day to day!
You can’t put your finger on it, so
who’s to say! Why try, to figure out
the reasons, for this emotional crisis,
it’s just one of those things. Why not
wait until tomorrow and see, what
it brings. I’m sure by then, it will be
over and you’ll wonder why, you had
felt, you were heading for a fall. Just
keep in mind, emotions are very tricky
and if it’s any consolation, there are
times, it affects us all!

Living in our city, we can get very emotional sometimes, especially negative moods and emotions, which can be very dangerous because they could damage and destroy us. To calm down and release our stress, I think the best way is to find someone to talk to or go to the park to have a quick run. Running can be refreshing because you take deep breath during the run. It does help. When something or someone turns me on, I also face the problem of being emotional. And I am working hard on it to try to keep myself calm and balanced, not to let negative emotions take over me or ruin me; otherwise the consequence can be very serious. I pray that we can better control our emotions in this stressful city. Don’t let emotions control you! Cool Down!!! Good Luck!!!

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