And the Island man wakes up
To the sound of blue surf
In his head
The steady breaking and wombing

Wild seabirds
And fisherman pulling out to sea
The sun surfacing defiantly

From the east
Of his small emerald island
He always comes back groggily groggily

Comes back to sands
Of a grey metallic soar
To surge of wheels
To dull North Circular roar

Muffling muffling
His crumpled pillow waves
Island man heaves himself

Another London day

An island man feels like waking up to the sounds of the ocean. He is dreaming of being home in the Caribbean where he belongs. His dreaming, imagining and memories gradually fade into the actual reality of what is happening in London, like waking up. He would rather wake up to the sound of the ocean and the sight of the sun instead of the noisy traffic in London. It shows his homesickness and sadness.



I also feel the tension between living in the city and in the nature. Due to the necessity to make a living, we all have to live in the city. However, there are so many noises and pollution in the city which makes one miss the nature.  Very often, I want to escape the city life into the countryside to keep myself from being too much overwhelmed by the city life.

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