I like how the drama Macbeth plays out with the major characters Macbeth, Lady Macbeth and the three witches. The desire for power, the ambition to become king of Scotland, the lack of a strong character and his gullibility are the tragic flaws of Macbeth which lead to his downfall. Tempted by his desire and ambition and being credulous, he listens to the prophecies of the witches and trusts them without judging their evil motives. At one point, Macbeth wrestles with his conscience about treason and murder. However, being easily manipulated and persuaded, he lets his wife Lady Macbeth question his courage and manhood and submits to his wife’s treacherous advice. To prove that he is not a coward, Macbeth has agreed to kill Duncan. As the prophecies are coming true one by one, he trusts the witches without doubt. When Macbeth successfully becomes king of Scotland, he is so obsessed with power that he is afraid the next prophecy will come true, that he will lose his throne to Banquo’s son one day. His ambition and desire for power further motivates him to listen to the prophecies of the witches and to kill Banquo’s and Macduff’s family. Macbeth’s ambition finally leads him to his destruction.

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